Benefits of the Socialwave WiFi

Easy installation

The Socialwave routers are pre configured and can be installed easily at your place of business: Through plug & play.

Free advertisement

By logging into the WiFi, your clients optionally generate a word of mouth message to all their social media friends.

Facebook fans

The amount of Facebook Likes for your business page will increase continuously.

New customer acquisition

New potential clients will learn about your business through the social media recommendations.

Increase customer loyalty

Increase the time your clients spend in your place of business and win new clients by offering free WiFi.

Save and secure

By using the Socialwave WiFi hotspot you are protected from any legal claims. The WiFi is isolated from your regular network to increase IT security.

More information about your clients

The Socialwave portal will show you relevant information about your customers and helps you market to your clients in a more effective way.

Send email newsletters to your clients

You will automatically receive all email addresses of your clients that you can use to stay connected.

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