Get the most out of your marketing package!

Place the table displays

Make your customers and guests aware that they can leave a review, receive a voucher or free WiFi. Use the Plexiglas displays supplied, including the corresponding inlays.

Place the table displays in a clearly visible position on tables and counters

Select the desired side of the display inlay - The inlays are printed on both sides, depending on whether you have also booked a WiFi package. We are also happy to design customised stand-up displays for you - just get in touch.

Make sure that the displays are not covered by anything - e.g. by advertising, menus or other objects 

Attach the stickers

The promotional material helps to draw the attention of as many customers as possible to WiFi, reviews and vouchers and is therefore an important part of the overall concept.

Attach the stickers so that they are clearly visible to your customers - z. e.g.: on tables, counters, doors, shop windows, menus, beer mats, mirrors 

Stickers are particularly effective where customers spend longer periods of time - z. e.g. in waiting rooms, at reception desks and wherever your customers frequently pick up their smartphones

Make sure that all stickers remain clearly visible and are not covered up - z. e.g. through curtains, roller shutters, wardrobes, tablecloths 

Inform your employees

Explain the benefits of your new marketing tool to your employees. This will make it easier for your employees to approach customers about free WiFi, reviews and vouchers.

Display the information sheet in a clearly visible place for your employees - e.g.: in the office, behind the counter, near the checkout 

Explain the benefits of guest WiFi, reviews and vouchers to your employees - e.g.: more satisfied customers thanks to free WiFi, more new customers thanks to better Google ratings, more regular customers thanks to voucher marketing

Remind your employees regularly about the service - e.g. shortly before starting work, shortly before peak times, in meetings 

Talk to your customers 

Actively approach your customers about free WiFi, vouchers and reviews.

Use the opportunity if you are already in dialogue with customers - e.g. when greeting them, at check-in, during the ordering process, during payment

Actively draw your customers' attention to WiFi, reviews and vouchers - If addressed directly, more customers will use the service

Explain to your customers briefly and concisely what they can expect after the scan - this increases the likelihood that they will scan the QR code